babeliUM – Centro de Línguas da Universidade do Minho

BabeliUM proposes to contribute to the establishment of the University of Minho as a multilingual University open to the World. The multilingual policy is an important vector of its internal institutional policy and its interaction with its partners, in consonance with the European Council and the European Union and with the recommendations of the EUA (European University Association), with the objective of stimulation the University of Minho to the following points:

• as an internationalized institution, open to the plurality of its languages and cultures;
• as a dynamic pole for knowledge and culture to the region;

Everyone is invited to participate in this project which, by using a great diversity of actions, events and services, looks towards:

• give emphasis to the importance of language (mother language, second language, foreign language) as tools of cognition, communication and intercultural experience, since learning new languages enhances transversal competences which are key in a multilingual world;
• promote the intercultural experience as an essential element of citizenship in democracy, peace and solidarity, counteracting xenophobic tendencies and social exclusion;
• support the generalized consciousness about the importance of the Portuguese language and its valences in an European and international context, namely by using teaching programs to teach Portuguese as non-mother tongue ((Português Língua Estrangeira - PLE / Português Língua Segunda – PL2).

You can find all information about available language courses at:

 Intensive Courses, semestral and annual: German, Arabic, Czech, Spanish, French, Galician, Hungarian, English, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese Sign Language
 Intensive Course in January/February
 Summer Courses
 Courses and Seminars for Professors, translators and interpreters
 English Course in an Academic context (writing, conversion)
 Courses for specific needs
 Evaluation and Certificiation according with QECRL


 Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE): Annual Course, Semester Course, Summer Course (July) and Portuguese and non-mother language (PLNM)


 Translation and Interpretation services


Where can you find babeliUM?

Instituto de Letras e Ciências Humanas
Campus de Gualtar Braga Campus de Azurém, Guimarães
Telf. 253604171/253601657 Telf. 253510550