The Mind the Trash is the first online store of zero waste in Portugal, focusing on the sale of more sustainable articles and in environmental education and awareness.

It first appeared in London solely as an Instagram acount that shared tips for a lifestye with less waste. In July of 2017, it emerged in Portugal as a store to publicize products that the founders, Catarina Matos and Christian Andersen, already used in their daily life, showing a lack of offer for this type of products.

In Mind the Trash we try to reutilize everything that comes to the company from boxes and wrapping paper from the providers and customers. This material is used even if it is printed or has other brand's stamping, being the focus the material's reutilization.

It is solely used tape and the vast majority of office supplies are form the team's years of school, supplies that were no longer used.

In Mind the Trash we want to educate and bring awareness to better alternatives in hope of a better future, alligned with ourselves and nature.