Guimarães is located in Braga’s district, north of Portugal and it has around 160 thousand inhabitants. It is one of the most important historic cities of the country.

Its beautiful historic center is recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage and it is a big part of why the city is one of the biggest touristic centers of the region.

While an average sized city for Portuguese standards, Guimarães has a booming cultural life with several events throughout the year, a lot of them connected to the history and traditions of the city.

The city was founded by the first dynasty of the Counts of Portucale, being later used by the second count of the second dynasty, Afonso Henriques, as the starting point for the edification of his kingdom. Afonso would become Afonso I of Portugal and is to this day a beloved figure and icon of the city of Guimarães.

The city would be the first capital of the country until the expansion towards the south forced the chance of capital to Coimbra. Still, that special place in history was never forgotten and Guimarães is known today as Cradle City or Cradle of Portugal.

The medieval origins of the city are quite visible, especially when compared to the older and roman Braga.

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Feira Afonsina

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