We find that the website www.rome2rio.com has very accurate information for intercity dislocations, ex.: Braga - Porto, Porto - Guimarães, etc.

Moving between Braga <-> Guimarães

The University has a route between both campuses (Gualtar in Braga and Azurém in Guimarães). It operates during the week with individual tickets costing 1,3€ and a pack of 5 tickets costing 5,5€ (or 1,1€ for each ticket). Tickets have to be bought at the Student's Support Office (GAA). During special periods (Summer, Christmas, Easter, Exam Season) the regular schedule might change, so keep that in mind. 

Alternatively, ARRIVA/TRANSDEV bus company also provides 2 buses lines. BusPlus3 available all year (but doesn't stop at the university, only in the center) and BusPlus5 available during week days (not on holidays, but it stops at the university). You can buy the tickets at the bus.


Airport –> Braga/Guimarães


GetBus is a company of low-cost bus travels that ensures the connection between the Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro in Porto to both cities of Braga and Guimarães. For only €8 they can guarantee a trip of about 45 minutes in total comfort and luggage transport.

Tickets can be purchased at the GetBus bus stop at the airport, with the driver or online. For more information click.

Transports in Braga & Guimarães

In Braga, the bus enterprise is called TUB (app available for both Android and IOS) and, in Guimarães, TUG.

But how to know which bus lines are really important to you? In this section, we have some information regarding the essentials on this.

Both cities have a Bus line that does a city tour stopping in the main points or at least the close as possible to them when it comes to both cultural importance but also residential.


The individual ticket costs 1,55€ in Braga.

But there is the possibility to acquire a TUB card in the GAA (Gabinete de Apoio ao Aluno – Office of Student Support) in both cities’ campus.

To go from the train station to the University of Minho you should take the line 43

For Taxis normally are safe if you stop them on the street or just go to the taxis stopping zones. But the number in Braga to call that we recommend is (+351)253 253 253.

City Circuits

It can be tricky but these two circuits actually cross in some points of the city because the only thing that differs is the direction. Main stops include the Hospital, University, both Residential Complexes, the City Centre and the Shopping Braga Parque: Line 40 and Line 41.

University Residency of Santa Tecla – University

If you want to get from the Santa Tecla area to the University you should take this Line.


The individual ticket costs 1,70€ in Guimarães.

When it comes to Guimarães you have one City Circuit whose Stops include the University, City Centre, Train Station and close to the Residential Complexes. The main bus station of the city itself is inside the GuimarãeShopping, where all the connections between different cities and villages can be made. Click here to view the City Circuit

Taxis normally are safe if you stop them on the street or just go to the taxis stopping zones. But the number in Guimarães to call that we recommend is (+351)253513535.