Surviving @ Minho

This section of the website answer to many questions that ERASMUS coming to Minho have.



António Ribeiro Cláudia Rocha Diana Martins Diana Carvalho João Pedro Araújo Mariana Guimarães Mariana Leones Tereza Afonso Tiago Fernandes Weronika Alicka

The content on the tabs About Minho, About UMinho, Learning Portuguese, Transports and Mobility and SOS at Surviving @ Minho was created by the aforementioned students, of the Master’s in Multilingual Translation and Communication of the Institute of Arts and Humanities (University of Minho), on the course unit Localisation and Multilingual Digital Production (2016-2017). This project wouldn't have been possible without the help and supervision of Professor Fernando Gonçalves Ferreira Alves and Professor Sílvia Lima Gonçalves Araújo. Thank you all for your excellent work!