Besides helping on the search for accommodation and giving access to useful information, we organize several activities. Each year we become more innovative! The main activities are:


We organize several parties in several places, like bars, discotheques and parks. Are one of the best environments to know other international students, pass some good times and chill-out.


Remember that we are not travel agents, we are students like you trying to help you the best way we can, having fun and meeting people from other cultures. We are not professionals organizing trips but volunteers with considerable experience, which means that we became proficient at doing it. We don't profit from our trips, so you cannot find a lower price anywhere. Usually transportation, accommodation, visits, parties, and dinners are included. By our experience, the trips are the activity where you meet the biggest friends that you get in your exchange. To pass a weekend away with them is an unforgettable experience!

Sport Activities

Several sport games are promoted by us. Then in the end of each semester are organized sportive tournaments! They are a very good opportunity to have healthy activities, and be with your international friends.


The thematic dinners are one of the preferred activities of the international crowd! Great occasion to taste typical food, meet another people, sing and have fun! Jam Session Do you know how to play an instrument or would like to? This is the perfect group for you! The activities that you would like to do ESN Minho exists to you and because of you.

Cultural Activities

We promote visits to the local museums and monuments, we also participate in movie nights and the academic festival during the month of May, among other events. We have activities for all tastes! Sport Activities - We promote sport matches and tournaments as well as entire sports days. They are a great opportunity to develop healthy habits and hang out with your friends.

So, if there is any activity or event that you would like to see realized, please let us know!