So you came across our organization and you want to learn a bit more... Good for you and we want to get you involved!

On this part of the website you can check how to navigate

About Us - you will end up here with the index of the entire website

  • Who are we? - a basic description of ESN Minho with extra tabs for:
  • What do we do? - what are the main services/activities we provide for our students
  • Where are we? - where are we located and can you reach us physically
  • ESN Minho Team - who is in charge of our organization and who can you can contact for a specific subject
  • Recruitment Form - how to join!

Surviving @ Minho - you will find here a lot of information from tips and guidance for accommodation to transports and the Survival Guide of ESN Portugal

ESNcard - find out all the discounts you will have after you make your ESNcard locally as well as internationally!

Projects - all the international and local projects that we actively and proudly endorse and that you will encounter during your stay 

  • Buddy - mentor program to ease up your integration into this new reality
  • Couchsurfing - we have 2 cities in our university so we promote this project to get you a place to stay whenever you go to the other city 
  • ESN 2.0 - mentor program for outgoing students of our university
  • ESNsurvey - one of strongest projects of the network that analysis the entire mobility system in Europe so that we can fight for your right on a larger scale
  • Erasmus Band - do you sing, play an instrument, dance or want to learn one of those? Well then this is for you! Let's create a band with only mobility students and ESNers !
  • ExchangeAbility - mobility is for all and anyone with a disability should not be discriminated .. this project aims at promoting mobility for students with any disability.. be part of the change, join us!
  • Responsible Party - we don't have to be wasted to enjoy the night or at least on a level that you will forget! this project is not made for you to stop drinking, it is made to teach and instigate you to drink and keep that healthy enjoyable buzz thoughout the night
  • SocialErasmus - we believe that we can be part of the improvement of students on a social level so we organize and promote activities that reach for social awareness. Everything from gathering food for a shelter, dancing with elders, making a soccer games with orphans... everything can go!
    • Erasmus in Schools - part of the social awareness motto, this project aims at promoting mobility right from the high school with presentations by Erasmus students to youngsters

Mobility Programs - we are here to support yo during your mobility program but what if you want to do an internship @ ESN Minho? Find out here how to do so!

News - check the latest news and the calendar of all the activities we promote and/or organize!

Partners - all our local and national partners 

Contact Us - if you have any doubts or just want to suggest something, don't hesitate and fill the contact form!