The Convent of Santa Clara, where today is located the headquarters of the City Hall of Guimarães, is a work begun in the sixteenth century, successively intervened in the following centuries, with major expansions and improvements. The building has a majestic facade, decorated and quite divided into three sections, with the central figure of the patron saint in a niche on the gateway. Part of the building was raised in the eighteenth century and the chapel enriched with carvings and paintings, however being destroyed in the nineteenth century ... The extinction of the religious orders in 1834 led to the abandonment of the Convent ... With the extinction of the Collegiate in 1910 there is the formalization of the Liceu . "  1 "In 1968, the building has the role that maintains today, that is going to house the main services of the Municipality of Guimarães. In 1973, the corresponding location of the Church of the Convent, the Municipal Archives Alfredo Pimenta is installed, transferred in 2003 to the House of Navarros de Andrade