In this section, we will try to explain the academic part of your Erasmus period, or in other words, the process of your studies in Minho.


When you arrive you have to go to SRI (Serviços de Relações Internacionais - International Relations Services Office, in English), that is at the university campus in both Braga and Guimarães (SRI Braga – SRI Guimarães), in order to present yourself. The SRI also provide you an Orientation Programme in the first week of the semester, with activities to welcome you in the best way possible. ESN Minho also organizes in the beginning of every semester, the Welcome Weeks, with daily activities.
Your Erasmus coordinator is the intermediary between you and your home university, and also between you and your host university. So, you have to keep a close contact with him, because he is the answer to all of your bureaucratic issues.

Academic Subjects and Evaluations

All subjects are different from each other, and the evaluation method depends on the professor. If you want to know how you will be evaluated you should ask each professor individually. But one thing is certain: you will have a regular phase of evaluation, that can be composed of tests, online quizzes, assignments or whatever elements the professor decides to include in it, and afterwards, if you fail the regular phase, you will have what we call “recurso”, which is a final exam that is worth 100% of your evaluation. You can also expect most teachers to make it mandatory for you to attend ⅔ of the classes, but again, that is something that you should ask every professor individually. Usually, classes are in Portuguese, although in some subjects you might have classes in English. In most of the cases, the teacher provides bibliographic support in the English language.

For all the official information that you need to know click this link.

You can also check the academic calendar in this link.

Updated on 2/Feb/2017