All aboard for a new semester full of unique experiences! 
We prepared something really special that will help you not only get a proper integration in Minho but also match you with, maybe, your ESN BFF!

Being a stranger in a foreign land, lost, and not knowing anyone is never the best feeling in the world and for this reason, we have our ESN Buddies!

Hey International Student, do you know what a Buddy is?
A Buddy is a close friend who accompanies you in your adventures, a person who you can trust to help you no matter what, to lean on when the going gets tough. 
A local buddy will help you make the experience in Minho even more memorable and unique! It may help you land in Portugal with a friend, who will back you up with everything you need for your whole experience.
If you want to have a buddy to accompany you in this new experience, check this link order to have access to our Buddy Program 

1) Access the website
2) Create an account and select ESN Minho as your ESN Section
3) Complete your profile and add your personal information, interests, and hobbies 
4) Based on that an ESN Minho Buddy will be assigned and enter in contact with you and will be just a message away to help!

In order to apply to the program, you need to access the link we have currently displayed on this text

Throughout these photos, you can check some testimonies of previous Erasmus that tried the buddy program.

The sooner you apply the sooner you will get a chance to chat with your new buddy!